New Website Link

After about 2 and a 1/2 koolcpcheats is closing down

but don’t worry i have imported everything and the new website is


Please note that this website is still under construction and needs a lot of work

you can view the website’s progress and will officially open in a couple of weeks (real date is unknown)

Thank You for everything



You can still view it though


Improving Site

Yes we all know this site needs A LOT of improvement

Over the next few weeks you will

Details of what will happen are very scarce so just watch

We will be moving to a new domain its ok don’t worry all the same pages and widgets we have here will be at the new website

I will announce the website here when it is finished

I am still looking for an Author

for details see the post below

Thank you for everything



Author Wanted

Author Wanted! Yes its true I’m looking for a new KCC Author

Have you always wanted to post for us? Well nows your chance to apply

To be a KCC Certified Author you must qualify with these requirements

. You must not be writing for ANY Website currently

. You must use proper grammar and spelling

. You must have a wordpress account

. You cannot create a page or edit an existing one without permission from Mightyducky2

. You may not host a party without permission from Mightyducky2

. Posting must be up-to-date and not late and on your subject

If you believe you have what it takes to join the KCC Team as an Author than E-mail Mightyducky2 @ koolcpcheats@yahoo.com or use the form below

With your application include

.Your penguin name

.How long you have been on Club Penguin

.Why you believe you have what it takes to become A KCC certified Author

. Experience with Club Penguin blogging ( If any)

.Wordpress Username

Be sure to include all this.

If you are accepted I will reply back to you

Thank You


Go to spy phone

and go to EPF Computer

Go to the aqua grabber in the hidden lake

Complete the puzzle and get your medal



The new pin is out

To get the party favors pin

Go to the Mountain and get the pin

Be sure to pick it up!


The fireworks are now on Club Penguin for new years!!!

check it out!


So kool right?

Ruby and the Ruby

The new play came out! Here are the cheats.

To get the ruby broach

1.Click all these things in the same order



3.Trash Can


5.Flower Vase

6.Picture on the wall

The picture on the wall will then fall off and a safe will appear! Open it and you find the ruby broach!

Be sure to pick it up!

Also the new Costume Trunk Catalog came out!

Here are the cheats!


Click on the doorknob for the dark detective coat!

Go to the end of the catalog and then click on the “how do i get coins” paragraph and drag it down. There you will find a super secret background!



The new Field Ops have come out today! Heres your step by step guide to completing them!
1. Click on your EPF Phone!
2. Go to command room computer!

3. Go to Night Club, then go by the speaker and wait for your phone to turn green and click it!

4. Complete the brand new puzzle!

How to complete the puzzle

5.Your repair bot listens to your orders

Make an efficient route to get all 3 targets . Then click the arrows the way you want the repair bot to go

Right here is an example of how the robot will go if you were to put the commands above.

You can make a route 5 times if you do it anymore than 5 times you will lose the game.

Once you have finished it get your medal!


Rockhopper Tracker-BETA

Mightyducky2’s Rockhopper Tracker BETA

Pease Note: This is a BETA version of the tracker and may not be correct. Please comment or E-mail the KCC Team at koolcpcheats@yahoo.com tell us how the tracker worked for you! 🙂

This is a new tracker that was created to help you find Rockhopper with ease.

New Features of the tracker

.100% Accurate

.Easier to use Status

.Tells where rockhopper was last seen at

.Easier to use widgets

.Tells location a lot faster

<a href=”https://koolcpcheats.wordpress.com/2010/12/22/rockhopper-tracker-beta/”><img src=”http://i.picasion.com/pic36/fa7200a6546f50e94a62ffdaf3d1174b.gif&#8221; alt=”” width=”200″ height=”87″ /></a>

Rockhopper’s Location

Server: ????

Room: ?????

Updated: ?????? Penguin

Standard Time

Last Seen: ?????

Status: ???

Is this tracker currently running?-NO

Other Trackers

Rockhopper Location

To refresh Click Here

Rockhopper Tracking Tips

A little info on Rockhopper

Captain Rockhopper

Rockhopper is an adventuring penguin. He sails the seas in his ship, the Migrator, in search of treasure and adventure. He returns to Club Penguin approximately every two months with items to sell.
When he’s in Club Penguin, his ship is docked at the Beach, next to the Lighthouse. You can board the ship and visit the Main Deck and the Hold.
Find out more about Rockhopper by reading his journal. It is located in the Book Room.

Rockhopper Tracking Tips

.Rockhopper is a red penguin that is usually quite bigger than regular penguins

. Rockhopper can usually be found in full servers like Abominable,Frozen,Mammoth,Mittens and Yukon but he can be on any server at any time

. Rockhopper can be on more than 1 server

.Rockhoppers favorite rooms are his ship, the beach,dock,Town,Coffee Shop,Snow forts, Plaza,Forest,And Cove

.He Usually stays on a server from 15-30 minutes

.If you manage to find him get his background by clicking on his player card and clicking the block

Current Background

July 20102006-July2010

. The easiest ways to find rockhopper is to use the KCC approved trackers above

Happy Hunting! :)