New Website Link

After about 2 and a 1/2 koolcpcheats is closing down

but don’t worry i have imported everything and the new website is


Please note that this website is still under construction and needs a lot of work

you can view the website’s progress and will officially open in a couple of weeks (real date is unknown)

Thank You for everything



You can still view it though

Improving Site

Yes we all know this site needs A LOT of improvement

Over the next few weeks you will

Details of what will happen are very scarce so just watch

We will be moving to a new domain its ok don’t worry all the same pages and widgets we have here will be at the new website

I will announce the website here when it is finished

I am still looking for an Author

for details see the post below

Thank you for everything



Author Wanted

Author Wanted! Yes its true I’m looking for a new KCC Author

Have you always wanted to post for us? Well nows your chance to apply

To be a KCC Certified Author you must qualify with these requirements

. You must not be writing for ANY Website currently

. You must use proper grammar and spelling

. You must have a wordpress account

. You cannot create a page or edit an existing one without permission from Mightyducky2

. You may not host a party without permission from Mightyducky2

. Posting must be up-to-date and not late and on your subject

If you believe you have what it takes to join the KCC Team as an Author than E-mail Mightyducky2 @ koolcpcheats@yahoo.com or use the form below

With your application include

.Your penguin name

.How long you have been on Club Penguin

.Why you believe you have what it takes to become A KCC certified Author

. Experience with Club Penguin blogging ( If any)

.Wordpress Username

Be sure to include all this.

If you are accepted I will reply back to you

Thank You


Go to spy phone

and go to EPF Computer

Go to the aqua grabber in the hidden lake

Complete the puzzle and get your medal



The new pin is out

To get the party favors pin

Go to the Mountain and get the pin

Be sure to pick it up!


The fireworks are now on Club Penguin for new years!!!

check it out!


So kool right?